Choose the Best Listing Agent

Ask around… get to know who has the most signs, ads and marketing material in your neighborhood. Compile a list of agent names and use these sample questions to help you determine which agent is right for you.

1. Could you send me some information about yourself? - You can often get a good idea of which agents are the most professional by looking at their promotional materials.
2. How many homes have you listed and sold in the last six months? - Look for an agent who has experience with homes similar to yours and is active in your area.
3. What is your average length of time from listed to sold? - Do not automatically assume the shorter time on the market the better. That could reflect selling homes quickly at lowball prices
4. What listing price do you recommend and what is that price based on? - Pricing is the most critical step to selling your home. Take great care in choosing an agent with the knowledge to price your home effectively.
5. What types of things separate you from your competition? - How effectively will they advertise? Do they have 24-hour advertising capability? Will all the leads be followed up on by your agent or will they go to other agents who may have other listings they would prefer to show?