The Most Effective Marketing

Of course, real estate agents will run ads featuring your house, but not necessarily for the reasons the seller expects. The primary motivation for advertising is to make the telephone ring. This builds up a pool of homebuyers looking for property in general. The agents representing those homebuyers know about your home because it is listed in the Multiple Listing Service, has been on broker open house preview, and because your agent is also marketing directly to these agents.

Through the Multiple Listing Service (MLS), the agents match up their clients (computer prospecting), with available homes, one of which may be yours. Cross selling is often how your property is sold; about 5% of the time, you and your agent will get lucky…someone calling on your house may actually end up buying it.

Because real estate agents are the ones with the ìbuyer poolî, It is much more productive and beneficial when your listing agent directs most of his or her marketing efforts toward other agents. It is an easy mistake to measure your agentís effectiveness solely by counting the number of newspaper and magazine ads featuring your property.“Behind the scenes” marketing is difficult for the seller to measure.