Avoid 3 Common Mistakes that Cost Sellers Serious Money

The difference between a profitable smooth transaction and a break even, miserable experience is often a fine line. In the majority of cases it comes down to the subtle knowhow of your professional. Here are three common mistakes to avoid:

1. Refusing to Make Profit Inducing Repairs-
It always costs you more money to sell as is than to make repairs that will increase the value of your home. Even minor improvements will often yield as much as three to five times the repair cost at the time of sale.

2. Providing Limited Access for Showings - 
Accessibility is a major key to profitability. Appointment-only showings are the most restrictive, while a lock box is the least. The more accessible your home is, the better the odds of finding a person willing to pay your asking price.

3. Relying Solely on Traditional Methods To Sell Your Home - 
Demand around the clock advertising exposure, innovative lead generation methods and lead accountability. These services exist and should be offered on your home sale.